Focus Congo builds community leaders through partnering with grassroots organisations, providing greater access to resources for Congolese people – all while encouraging a vision for justice and peace for the nation.

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Value the individual

We desire to love those we work with by building natural genuine relationships. We intentionally make an effort to see and invest in each individual’s potential, looking beyond how society sees them. We seek to build confidence and stir up people’s potential in order for them to act on their own behalf. The human component of development is our highest priority.

Be relational

All our actions are together with the people not only for the people of the Congo, emphasizing that it is important for those we work with to take ownership of their opportunities. We want to stay open for criticism, dialogue and accountability; knowing that this is what motivates relationship. We value the importance of building networks and connecting with those we work with.

Listen & Learn

We invest the time to ask questions and listen to those whose voices are not listened to. We recognize that the Congolese people are each experts of their own realities and the struggles that they experience on a daily basis. We believe we all have something to learn from each other.

Glory To God

As Christians we believe that it is ultimately God who brings the change and peace we want to see in the Congo. We would like to couple our efforts on the ground with genuine Christians who will invest themselves in the spiritual revival and reformation of the DRC. We value prayer as a driving force for change in the Congo.

The Story behind Focus Congo?

It began one day when a very young Pappy began a very long journey…
A journey of heartbreak; but ultimately of transformation by redemptive love and a new-found hope.

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About the Team

We are a team of people from all over the world who carry the desire to see Congolese people shine like stars!

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Why Congo?

We see hope and beauty in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There is more the the DRC than conflicts, despair and destruction.

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