We value Transparency

We highly value integrity at Focus Congo, so we publish financial and legal information about our organization. Here you can see how much support we received and how it was spent throughout the year. Focus Congo committed to financial prudence, integrity, and accountability. We value every donation that is given and pray a blessing back on those who have supported us.

Focus Congo joined the Initiative Transparency International in Germany.

Focus Congo e.V. (Germany)

1. Name, headquarters, year of foundation

  • Focus Congo e.V. was founded in 2016
  • Our headquarters are in Germany (Roentgenstraße 8, 76351 Linkenheim-Hochstetten)
  • For more information contact Svenja Rwizibuka at info@focuscongo.com 

2. Statute and aims of our organisation

3. Tax concession

  • According to German law Focus Congo pursues objectives that are exclusively and immediately for the public benefit. Donations are tax-deductible within Germany. 

4. Name and positions of legal representatives

  • (Pappy) Orion Boyinkere Rwizibuka (Founder and Chairman of the board)
  • Svenja Rwizibuka (Co-Founder and member of the board)
  • Matthew Lee Mihelic (Co-Founder and member of the board)

5. Organizational Structure

  • The work of Focus Congo is lead and directed by the board, who is working on a voluntary basis. All volunteers in Germany, the DR Congo and around the world work on a voluntary basis. Meet our team!

6. Annual report 

7. Financial report (including source and use of funds) 

8. Commitment to third parties

  • Focus Congo e.V. in Germany is the parent organization of Focus Congo a.s.b.l. in the Democratic Republic of Congo. However there is no legal affiliation between Focus Congo e.V. and Focus Congo a.s.b.l..

9. Name of donors that make up more than 10% of Focus Congo’s total annual budget 

  • none in 2020

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