All our projects are inspired by creative and sustainable solutions intitated by local people on the ground.

Help us to provide a platform for local Congolese people to discover their potential and live out their dreams!

Kitoko Oyo

A multimedia project giving young people a platform to tell their unique stories of hope and beauty changing the negative narrative on the DRC.                                                                           .

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Sing & Dance for Hope

Reaching out to young people and abandoned children in various neighborhoods through street dance and music. Providing a safe space for acceptance and self-expression.

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Media Training

Providing training and connection for media professionals in Bukavu. It equips the young generation with knowledge and tools to use media as a means to express their voices.

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Schools & Universities

The young generation is the leading generation of tomorrow. We facilitate Student and Teacher sponsorship, University workshops, and practical donation of supplies.

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Chahi Hospital

We facilitate physical restoration for those in need through medical team visits, professional development, equipment/medical supplies donations.

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Church & Discipleship

Partnering with churches to encourage spiritual growth and their call to missions. We acknowledge the local church’s role in rebuilding the country.

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Wake up, Diaspora!

We want to see the Congolese diaspora contribute to restoring the dignity of its people and lifting up the Congolese people and nation.

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Skateboarding in Goma

Fabrice has built a skatepark and teaches youth to skateboard!

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Business Investments

Sustainable grassroots business development through mentorship and microloans.

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