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Ombeni was 10 years old when he was left as the sole guardian for his younger siblings. Later on, in his teens, he took on an additional 6 orphans. Struggling for survival, education became an unaffordable luxury for Ombeni and his family.

Ever since the beginning of Focus Congo, we established a close relationship with Ombeni and all of his siblings. Supporting this young family was one of the first Focus Congo activities. We began to support this family by sponsoring the children to attend school. Eventually, we provided a microloan for Ombeni to open his own business, mentoring him through the process and allowing him to provide for his large family.

Sponsor a Student

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Focus Congo sponsors 11 orphaned children to attend school by paying their school fees and supplying uniforms, books, and other school supplies.

Sponsor a Teacher

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There is a new law that gives primary school children free access to their education. As this law takes effect, the problem it creates is the sudden absence of an income for teachers. Focus Congo is planning a program to support teachers in their work and to affirm the belief that education is vital to the improvement of each child, the community, and the nation.

University Workshops

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We partner with local universities in North- and South-Kivu Provinces by facilitating workshops for university students that allow them to raise and discuss critical questions, and brainstorm together in their area of studies. Because we believe international exchange is important, we have previously facilitated a workshop in the area of law and theology held by a university lecturer from the USA.

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