It's time to poor goodness into Congo!

The vision and heart behind our actions as Focus Congo all started when Pappy, our founder and a Congolese living in the diaspora, travelled back to Congo to reconnect with his family and roots after he was forced to flee due to war. (Read more about his story here). 

The Congolese diaspora is 3 – 6 million strong – all living outside the DRC. The diaspora continues to play a major role in the lives of their families who reside in the DRC, mainly by financial support through remittances. We believe there is more that the Congolese diaspora around the world can do to contribute to restoring the dignity of their people, and to lift up the nation. We want to encourage the diaspora to unite in contributing towards the development of the country. As the diaspora, our aim shall be to connect and work together to allow our actions to become a blessing to our motherland.  

Wake up, Diaspora and explore the beauty and potential of your homeland!

Visit Congo

Do you want to reconnect, maybe even reconcile, with your family and loved ones you left behind years ago? Have you ever wondered what your Congo looks like ever since you left? Do you miss experiencing the Congolese vibes, smells and sounds of life back home? We encourage you to reconnect with your roots. Contact us and plan your next trip with us. We would love to guide and encourage you throughout this journey.

INvest in your country

As Congolese from the diaspora we have had the privilege to be exposed to learning from other cultures and countries. Many of us have had the privilege to receive further education and vocational skills. There is so much we can offer and invest in our people and country back home. As Focus Congo we encourage you to brainstorm with us on how we can make a change together and lift up the Congolese people.

Do you want to Reconnect with
your people and country?

"It was like a dream come true to visit my country Congo DR after 15 years of being away due to civil war and other conflicts. I just want to start by thanking Pappy the founder of Kitoko Oyo, I met this amazing brother through YouTube. He and the people at Kitoko Oyo are doing great things in showcasing the beauty and the side of Congo DR that the media does not show to the world. Many people abroad believe that Congo DR is war torn zone where it is not even safe to walk outside. To me, I did not see the insecurity/war toned zone image that the westerner portrait about Congo DR .
Lives in Australia
"D.R. Congo previously known as Zaire – is a dream in the making and will be Africa’s Cinderella story. I was born in Bukavu, Sud-Kivu and survived the most catastrophic war since WWII. It took 22 years to reconnect with my homeland. Through experience, lead by organizations such as Focus Congo, I learned the value of Africa’s best kept secret. With extreme human and capital potential, visiting D.R. Congo is one of the most valuable investments a person can make. I will go back for years to come."
Lives in the USA

Many of the Diaspora have already travelled with us...