Together for a radiant future for Congo

We want to see Congolese people shine like stars!

Welcome to Focus Congo

Focus Congo exists to see hope and redemption arise within the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
We see a radiant and peaceful Congo with enormous opportunities for social and economic development.
We see Congolese people transformed to be able to fulfil their God given destiny.

We are a team of people from all over the world who carry the desire to see Congolese people shine like stars!

All our projects are inspired and initiated by local people on the ground. We empower the future leaders of tomorrow!

Focus Congo is a dynamic organisation with almost unlimited ways you can get involved. Discover ways to contribute to our mission!

Make a difference in the Congo

Stand with the Congolese people and nation!

We value every contribution – whether it is through prayer, joining us in our work in Congo, or giving a donation.

Thank you! We appreciate your support!

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One Country

The Democratic Republic of Congo:
The heart of Africa.

One Focus

We focus on God’s plan for restoration and peace for the Congolese people and nation.

One Vision

We see the Congolese people shine like stars for a radiant future of their country!

The story behind Focus Congo

It began one day when a very young Pappy began a very long journey… A journey of heartbreak; but ultimately of transformation by redemptive love and a new-found hope.

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