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"I cannot put an end to the violence in Congo. But I can do my part to ensure that the bright future that the star in my country's flag represents comes true for the next generation in Congo."
Pappy Orion
Founder of Focus Congo


Focus Congo invests in young people and leaders in Congo, builds partnerships with local grassroots organizations and creates access to resources necessary for survival. Focus Congo promotes a vision for justice and peace in the country.

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Transparency and accountability

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Show appreciation

We show love and appreciation for the people we work with. We are interested in genuine relationships with them and are conscious of discovering and investing in the potential of each individual - regardless of how society views the individual. On the basis of trust and mutual appreciation, we want to empower people to use their potential so that they can act confidently in their own interest. 


All our projects and actions are common with people and not only for the people of the Congo. It is important to us that they take their chances into their own hands. We are open to dialogue, criticism, dialogue and accountability because that is the basis for real relationships. We place great value on networking to connect people with each other. Only together can we walk the path to peace in Congo.

& learn

We consciously take the time to ask questions and listen to those whose voices are not being heard. We recognize that every Congolese person is an expert in their own reality in which they live every day. We are convinced that we can all learn from each other.

the honor

As Christians, we believe that it is ultimately God who brings the change and peace we want to see in Congo. We want to partner in our local efforts with real Christians committed to the spiritual revival and reformation of the Democratic Republic of Congo. We value prayer as a driving force for change in Congo.

The story behind Focus Congo

It began one day when our founder Pappy Orion set out on a very long journey as a child... A journey that broke his heart and yet ultimately led to healing, restoration and reconciliation.

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Our team

Everyone in our team is passionate about seeing people in Congo shine like stars.

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Team Goma

Team International

Team Bukavu

Why Congo?

There is more to the Democratic Republic of Congo than just conflict, despair and destruction. We see hope and beauty in the nation and its people!

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