Team International

Behind Focus Congo are people from all over the world who have it in their hearts to see people in the Congo shine like stars! 

Pappy's heart sleeps for his compatriots and nation, especially the young generation. As founder Pappy, Pappy leads the project work on site and works with young people who are looking for mentors and guidance. Together they work to give their people and their nation new dignity, to be bearers of hope and peacemakers. Read more about Pappy's moving story here. here. Pappy currently lives in Germany with his wife.

After her first trip to Congo in 2013, Svenja's heart for the people of Congo fueled her desire to see Focus Congo grow. Svenja's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies has been instrumental in establishing Focus Congo's influence among young Congolese leaders. Svenja lives with her husband in Germany and takes care of administrative club matters.


After Matthew's first trip to the Congo in 2013, he returned with a desire to see God's kingdom grow in the Congo. Matthew holds a Doctorate in Law and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. He has worked as an adjunct professor at Boyce College and has given seminars at universities in South and North Kivu provinces. He has built friendships with the local students and young people. He currently lives in the USA.

Ryan has been a professional photographer since 2009, making his first photographic trip to the DRC in 2014. Completely inspired by the beauty of the DRC and Focus Congo's work there, Ryan looks forward to continuing portraying the beauty of its people through photography. Ryan currently lives in Ukraine with his wife and two children.

Team Bukavu

Bukavu is the capital of South Kivu Province, in eastern DR Congo. 

Team Goma

Goma is the capital of North Kivu Province, in eastern DR Congo.


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