In the heart of Africa

We see them Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) as a place full of hope and beauty. But due to violent conflicts since 1996, the DR Congo is known in the headlines as a place of horror. The extent of sexualized wartime violence made the east of the country the “rape capital of the world.” We do not deny the country's painful past and the many current challenges that still need to be overcome. But in everything we do, we want to focus on this enormous potential focus on what is happening in this country and its people, especially the young generation, plugged. You are the Shining future of the country for which the star in the Congolese flag. Together we'll give it our all!

Headlines about Congo...

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women raped every year during the wars
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This is how we see the Congo...

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Hope and beauty

My commitment to peace
in the Congo

Congo is Kitoko!

Kitoko means 'beauty' in Lingala.

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