Empower youth through media

Focus Congo began its media training when our staff member Prince, now a full-time journalist himself, expressed a desire to train other young Congolese people in media. Because of Prince’s passion for media we put together a seminar that was attended by 30 people and was well received. It was only after this initial meeting that we understood how it inspired the media community to connect as professionals. Since then further trainings followed.

Our goal for media training is to encourage the Congolese people to become confident in their abilities; to understand how to report events in Congo with clarity and integrity; and to lead the training seminars themselves. There is a wealth of talent and inspiration within this group of people that we want to see grow through connection and shared learning.

Photography workshop

Through photography workshops we train and inspire Congolese image makers to refine their craft. We want to see photographers become more able to express and communicate social needs that matter to their generation.

Media workshops

Filmmaking, storytelling, scriptwriting, lighting and social media… Our media training directly inspired Fabrice, a young IT Professional from Goma, to host further training for university graduates in the area of media and app development.

Networking and partnerships

From the start of our seminars we began to see several partnerships with film schools, the press, and radio in Bukavu develop. Out of the training seminars people were even offered jobs!

How can i help?

Are you a media professional who wants to go to Congo to provide further training in your area of expertise? 

Do you want to contribute money toward renting venues for holding seminars, or equipment to run the seminars effectively? 

"Focus Congo enabled me to pursue my career in journalism. I attended multiple workshops. Then i started networking among with the media guys in my region and initiated more workshops to train others together with Focus Congo. Today I work for Focus Congo to expand their work among other media professionals. I am blessed to serve my nation."
"Working with creatives in Congo has been so rewarding. There is so much talent already here, that with a small investment of time and mentorship I have seen some amazing photographers blossom. Local Congolese journalists have access to people, places and stories that I as a foreigner I cannot easily get to. I am excited by the stories and images I am seeing these young people create and am overjoyed that the world is getting to see the beauty of Congo through a Congolese lens!"
Ryan Carter

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