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  • Age: 5 to 18 years
  • School fees
  • School uniform and materials
  • Birthday present
  • small emergency reserve (e.g. medical costs)


  • Age: 16 to 35 years
  • Training fees
  • Birthday present
  • Starter package for professional life (e.g. sewing machine, tools, etc.)


  • Age: 18 to 26 years
  • Semester fees
  • Costs for books, internet, copy shop etc.
  • Transport costs to the university
  • Birthday present


  • Age: 27 to 50 years
  • Participation fees for a literacy course 3 times per week
  •  teaching materials
  • Graduation gift

Voices from the project

Questions about the project

  • Students (5-8 years)
  • Trainees (16-35 years)
  • University students (18-26 years old)
  • illiterate mothers (27-50 years)

All children, young people and mothers live in precarious living situations in the conflict area of Eastern Congo (around Bukavu and Goma). They are either orphaned, single parents, live in abject poverty, had to leave their homeland due to the war or live as internal refugees in their own country. Our team knows everyone personally.

Yes, please give for this Comment field in the Donation form the names of the child, adolescent or young adult. You will find the name and information about each one in the pictures on the page below. 

A sponsorship takes time at least a year. This way the school or training year can be completed. We are of course very happy if you are a child or young adult long term until complete Support completion. These are:

  • Primary school: 6 years
  • secondary school: 6 years
  • Training: 3 years
  • University studies: 5 years
  • Literacy course for mothers: 1 year 

Focus Congo always works in a relationship-oriented manner. Our local team maintains relationships with each individual we support and accompanies children and their families on their journey through life over the long term. We do this regularly School and family visits through.

Mothers are driving forces – not only in the family, but also in Congolese society. The ability to read and write not only supports the woman herself, but in turn also strengthens the children, family and society.

Our students

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Our trainees

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Our students

(Pictures coming soon)

A right to education for children and mothers

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