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Food packages for the hungry

We support people in the fight against hunger and distribute Food parcels to people in abject poverty, especially children, families with single mothers, internally displaced people, pregnant women, people with disabilities and the older generation. A food package contains: rice, beans, flour, sugar, salt, oil, tomato paste, coal for cooking, a water canister and soap. It is enough for a family for several days.


quick help after disasters

Over 30 armed groups They have been wreaking havoc in the east of the Congo for decades, driving people to flee their own country. Also Natural disasters destroy families and entire villages. Our local team helps children find their lost parents, delivers food parcels to displaced people and helps rebuild destroyed homes. Unfortunately, there are many disasters in the Congo, so we want to be prepared for the next one so that we can provide quick help again.

Rebuilding homes after disasters

Armed conflicts and disasters leave behind destruction and rob people of their livelihoods. The Focus Congo team helps local people rebuild their destroyed homes after disasters. To do this, we procure building materials such as wood, concrete, cement as well as new windows and doors and rebuild the houses together with those affected.

We helped with these disasters:

Spring 2020 Bukavu, Uvira, Goma
April 2021 Uvira
May 2021 Goma
Nov 2022 Goma

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Questions about the project

The distribution of food packages and aid after disasters is generally given to those affected in particularly precarious life situations, i.e. children, single mothers and pregnant women with their children, people with disabilities and older people. Before relief goods are distributed, our team makes inquiries with authorities who coordinate the “emergency response” on site and the work of different organizations. Our team also travels directly to the areas where those affected have sought refuge after disasters to identify people in particular need.

So far, our on-site team has always reacted quickly after a disaster. We were able to provide help to those affected just a few days after the flood in Uvira, the volcanic eruption in Goma and during the Corona lockdown. In order to be able to react quickly to the next disaster, we are already dependent on donations.

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