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Kitoko Oyo

“Kitoko Oyo” means “This Beauty” in Lingala and is a Media project in which locals portray their compatriots who are working for peace in the Congo: inspiring personalities, changemakers and entrepreneurs. Kitoko Oyo has gained particular attention among politicians in the Congo and on social networks worldwide and is showing the world the beautiful and powerful side of Congo and its people! Donations are currently being collected for a magazine

Further training in film & photography & journalism

We want to give young people in the Congo a voice and empower them so that they can... Vote for peace can use in their country. Especially in our time, the media is responsible for this powerful and powerful mouthpiece. Our founder Pappy Orion travels to his country together with media professionals from Australia and the USA Further training in the areas of film, photography and journalism to carry out. Some participants have already found jobs in local media institutions and human rights organizations. 

Radio "la Prunelle"

“La Prounelle” is one Radio station, which was founded by young adults in South Kivu province in eastern Congo. He has now become one Platform for exchange, interaction, peace journalism and entrepreneurship and brings young and old as well as people from all backgrounds into dialogue about the future of their own country. Focus Congo supports the initiative with the necessary equipment for the radio station and provides assistance to those responsible for creating content. 

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