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Bagira Street Dance

The Dance group for orphans and street children in the Bagira slum area of Bukavu was started by Ombeni. An orphan himself, he brings children from his neighborhood together in his backyard through dance and music and cooks for them. It offers them a safe place where they can experience acceptance and express themselves. Focus Congo supports the initiative with food for the children.


“Young Fire” is one Group of young singers and dancers in Kadutu, one of the poorest areas of Bukavu city. The street children meet regularly to rehearse their own dance performances to songs that they write and compose themselves. Focus Congo enables Young Fire to perform in public and record their songs in professional studios.


Izulu is one Performing arts group. In the city of Bukavu, where cultural offerings for teenagers and young adults are rare, they bring Dancers, singers, painters and poetry slammers Young artists from the region come together and organize city-wide performances under the umbrella of Focus Congo - as a public platform to express their concerns!

Kitoko Festival

For the first time in Bukavu, Focus Congo is planning a city-wide “Kitoko Festival” for the public of the city of two million, where young artists can enter into dialogue in public spaces with decision-makers in politics and society. Such an exchange is important and a first step towards peace in the Congo.

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There is currently no date yet. But in order to prepare a city-wide festival well so that it is a success, good preparation is required. An organizational team has already come together to find the right location, gather the artists and put together the program. The team is also already in contact with people from politics and society in Bukavu. There is currently a lack of funding.

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