Flee, my son!


Read the exciting biography of our founder Pappy Orion!

When civil war breaks out in Congo, chaos and devastation dominate the country, and rebel groups recruit child soldiers to fight. Pappy's parents see no choice: they decide to send him away. Secretly, early in the morning. On a journey into the unknown. Alone. With enormous fear in his luggage and danger as a constant companion. After years on the run, he is caught up: by the infinite love of God, which radically changes his life. When he calls the street home, he finds his home with God and his calling.



About the author:

As a child, Pappy experienced the war in his country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, first hand, and escaped forced recruitment as child soldiers. His escape ended after 6,000 kilometers on the streets of Cape Town. He found forgiveness, healing and peace in the encounter with God, which changed his life. He studied film and media in order to tell stories of hope as a passionate filmmaker today. His commitment has already been honored with prizes in his home country.

Book information:

Publisher: SCM Hänssler; 1st Edition (September 1, 2022), Hardcover
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3775160957
ISBN-13: 978-3775160957