Paths to independence


For families in villages, keeping and breeding goats is an uncomplicated yet viable source of income. Focus Congo buys a goat from a family in need, which the family raises until it has kids. The resale of the breeding secures a family's livelihood.


start raising chickens

With 200 euros in starting money for chicken breeding, Focus Congo, together with the aid recipient, buys material for a chicken coop, chickens and chicks, which are raised into hens and further bred. The profit from the sale of eggs and chickens is used to secure one's own livelihood.

open a small shop

500 euros is enough to pay the rent for a small “mom and pop shop” in more remote parts of the city in Bukavu and Goma, where a young mother can sell groceries, household items and clothes. 


Focus Congo supports people and young entrepreneurs with a financial start-up who have sustainable and innovative ideas for a start-up.

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