A heart for patients in need

Life-saving operations

Relieve physical suffering and pain through life-saving operations and treatments. We make this possible for needy street children and orphans, pregnant women, single parents, widows, fathers... who are among the poorest of the poor and otherwise have no access to medical care. Sometimes simple interventions can provide healing and a healthy future!

Containers full of relief supplies

We invest in them medical infrastructure and equip partner hospitals with essential equipment, because otherwise every corner and corner is missing. Already two containers full high-quality and new relief supplies have reached the Congo and are in action! Medical technicians ensure maintenance and repairs. Help us send the next container of hope on its way!

Medical relief operations

We have already been able to receive medical treatment three times Specialist staff from Germany for Relief operations to our partner hospital Chahi. Surgeon Stephen Gaiseb performed more than 60 operations in less than four weeks. For some patients, treatment and surgery were a last-minute rescue. Further medical aid missions are planned – Are you there?

Training for local specialists

During the relief operations, volunteer medical professionals from Germany instruct local specialists in our partner hospitals in the use of new equipment and new surgical and dressing techniques. In this way we also enable one long-term, high-quality care from patients in the Congo!

Voices from the project

Questions about the project

Medical assistance is currently taking place in our partner hospital “Centre Hospitalier de Chahi” in Bukavu, South Kivu. The hospital is located in a slum on the outskirts of the city, which is also one of the first points of contact for patients and wounded people from remote villages seeking help. Focus Congo has maintained a close relationship with the professionals at Chahi Hospital since 2013. 

The patients in our partner hospital “Chahi” are among the poorest of the poor. The aid only benefits patients who would otherwise not be able to afford medical care. These are especially street children and orphans

We are looking for doctors, surgeons, nursing staff and midwives for upcoming relief missions. So far, every emergency worker has worked on a voluntary basis and financed the trip and stay on site themselves. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us or contact Stephen Gaiseb directly (gaiseb@focuscongo.com), who leads Focus Congo's medical project work.

At the beginning of September, the second container of hope will be sent on its journey to the Congo. For loading from the 2nd to the 5th. Volunteers are still being sought in the Stuttgart area in September. The ship route to Tanzania is financed, but donations are urgently needed for the land route to Bukavu!

In principle, we only accept new and high-quality donations in kind, the maintenance, servicing and commissioning of which can be guaranteed by specialists and medical technicians on site. For inquiries please contact us Stephen Gaiseb (gaiseb@focuscongo.com), who leads Focus Congo's medical project work in Germany.

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